Impact Music Festival

Artist Category: Saturday

Five Finger Death Punch

It’s unheard of today. A hard rock band sticks to its guns in face of a fickle mainstream market, refuses to compromise its principals for anybody, amasses millions of fans by doing so, and quietly ascends to multiplatinum chart-topping success in every corner of the globe. It’s a similar storyline shared by everyone from Black […]

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In This Moment

Throughout history, art rejoices and revels in the wisdom of women. Within a deck of tarot cards, the High Priestess serves as the guardian of the unconscious. In Greek mythology, the old oracles celebrate the Mother Goddess. William Shakespeare posited portentous prescience in the form of MacBeth’s “Three Witches.” On their sixth full-­length album Ritual, […]

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U N L E A S H E D Skillet lets their music speak the loudest. That’s how the quartet has cemented its place as one of the 21st century’s most successful rock bands. Selling over 11 million units worldwide, the Wisconsin quartet—John Cooper [lead vocals/bass], Korey Cooper [guitar/keys], Jen Ledger [drums/vocals], and Seth Morrison […]

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With the release of their highly anticipated 12th studio album, the gloriously titled “Book of Bad Decisions”, it would be easy to suggest that legendary Maryland rockers Clutch have made their finest record to date. This may even be true. You see, the thing about Clutch is that ever since their 1993 debut Transnational Speedway […]

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Between Buried and Me

What if dreams could be broadcast for the purpose of entertainment? Could you consume the innermost thoughts of another person on screen? If you could, what does that say about an attention-starved audience? More importantly, what would become of the dreamer? Between The Buried and Me pose those questions and more on their two-part eighth […]

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Andrew W.K.

It all began with a feeling. Of being alone and wanting to belong. Of wanting to share that feeling of belonging. And experience the euphoria of bonding with others. The feeling became a dream. To make the most exciting music imaginable. Music that embraced and celebrated life in all its facets, electrifying and uniting everyone […]

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Fit For a King

FIT FOR A KING use the tools of heavy music and melodic hooks to honestly explore the dark side of the human experience, ultimately wrenching timeless hope from the jaws of anxiety, depression, and seemingly certain despair. No matter the pristine picture of self-worth we project, in the unquenchable pursuit of recognition and affirmation, the […]

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Norma Jean

Nearly twenty years since the band’s conception, Norma Jean has continued to throttle forward, proving their legacy as musicians is not only deserved, but long-lasting. Although members have come and gone, the consistency of Norma Jean’s sound and tremor remains an immovable force, and their newest project, Polar Similar, is no exception. They recorded their […]

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